February 2020

Now that’s what I call makeymakeymusic

Technology & music can be great friends. In this hands-on workshop you will build your own digital instrument using everyday items (including fruit and veg!) and a ‘makeymakey’.

Spectacular Space

Help Dino answer some big questions about space and explore some of the greatest scientific achievements of the last 20 years.

Dino’s Outdoors: Protect our Park!

Release your inner explorer and join Dino on an adventure into Holyrood Park!

The Park is a very special place and we need to make sure that we look after it, to keep the plants and animals happy and so that other people can enjoy it! Join Dino on a litter pick around the park and learn about what to do with all of our rubbish.

Dino’s Outdoors days run from 10am to 2.30pm. Please wear weather appropriate clothing and bring a packed lunch and snack.

Please ensure we have received a completed participant form before any Dino’s Outdoors event – click to download Microsoft Word or PDF version.

Once completed, please send to dino@dynamicearth.co.uk.

Thursday 13th February

Planet Protectors

The rainforests are in danger and need your help! Join Dino in a virtual reality tour and try our eco-friendly shopping challenge to find out how we can protect this amazing habitat!

Accidental Science

Experiments don’t always go to plan. Join Dino to learn about some accidental discoveries from the last 20 years as well as some scientific ‘facts’ proved wrong in the 21st Century.