November 2021

Desert Discoveries

It may rain a lot in Scotland, but some places on our planet can go for months without a drop! Find out how climate change is impacting the people that live in- and around- deserts, and learn about the projects helping bring life back to these ecosystems.

Whatever the Weather

Every country in the world experiences different weather, but why? We’ll be looking at ways to measure the weather and how to predict weather patterns across the world. Then we’ll look at examples of how islands are affected by the weather, from Skye to Samoa!

Ain’t No Mountain High Enough

Come climb a mountain with Dino and discover how the ecosystems change as you get higher and higher. Then learn what is happening to these fragile places due to climate change.

digiDinos: Ocean Defenders (8-14)

Discover how scientists use technology to protect oceans and the wildlife that lives in them! Use Scratch to make your own ocean-themed game, and complete a craft to take home with you.

The session is on Friday afternoon and lasts 3.5hrs.

Friday 26th November

Polar Bear Puzzles

Craft your own paper polar bear picnic and then play on our giant game board to be the best bear! Along the way, we’ll learn about food webs and how the polar bears are struggling and fighting to survive!