December 2021

Dino’s Deep-Sea Divers

The Deep Sea isn’t somewhere we think about often, but it’s incredibly important to us! Discover the incredible life below the waves, how the climate is affecting our deep seas, and how we can explore the incredible depths of our oceans…

Take Action!

Climate change will affect lots of people in lots of ways, but what can we do about it? Learn about some ways you can make a difference through activities with the Dino’s crew, and then make your own poster all about how to protect Planet Earth!

digiDinos: Crafty Coders (8-14)

Join Dino in some challenges designed to get you thinking like a coder.  In this workshop you will take part in activities to learn how computer code works, have a go at controlling a robot, write code to play games, make music from electric circuits and much more.

The session is on Friday afternoon and lasts 3.5hrs.

Friday 17th December